How to Buy JAGA With Naira (P2P)

How it Works

You can pay in Naira via Paystack using your ATM card online or mobile/bank transfer.

Read this First:

  • This service is in partnership with a third party P2P (Peer to Peer) partner and prices may differ from the current market price.
  • You need a Binance Smart Chain or EVM-compatible crypto wallet to receive your JAGA tokens. If you don’t have a wallet, click here for how to create one for free.
  • After successful payment, your tokens will be sent to your wallet within 24 to 48 hours.

Important Warnings:

  • WARNING: Make sure you use a Binance Smart Chain or EVM (Ethereum) compatible wallet address such as Trust Wallet or Metamask Ethereum or BSC. Click here for how to create one.
  • WARNING 2: Make sure that the wallet address you provide is correct. Tokens sent cannot be recalled and if sent to the wrong address could be lost forever. Providing a wrong wallet address will most likely lead to loss of your tokens. Jagaban Coin or the partner will not be held responsible for loss or non-receipt of JAGA tokens due to wrong wallet address provided by you.
  • WARNING 3: If you are sending the funds via bank, DO NOT include anything relating to crypto or coin or token in the transaction remarks / notes /description so that your payment (or account) is not blocked by the Nigerian banks due to existing CBN rules. Best to leave remarks or description blank or just put your email or phone number.

Exchange Rate

  • At this time, the current exchange rate for this partner is 1 Naira for 100 JAGA.
  • The minimum you can buy is N5000 Naira’s worth.
  • You get extra JAGA and free NFTs when you buy the higher quantities.

Payment Links

Click the appropriate link below depending on how much you want to buy (you can buy as many times as you like).

(NOTE: There is a current promotion ongoing where you receive double whatever you pay for. This promo is ending soon so hurry and take advantage of it.)

πŸ‘‰ Buy 6,000,000 JAGA for N50,000Β  (20% Extra + Free NFT)

πŸ‘‰ Buy 2,200,000 JAGA for N20,000 (10% Extra)

πŸ‘‰ Buy 1,000,000 JAGA forΒ  N10,000

πŸ‘‰ Buy 500,000 JAGA for N5,000

PROMO: There is a current promotion ongoing where you receive double whatever you pay for. This promo is ending soon so hurry and take advantage of it.


How Soon Will You Receive Your Tokens?

24 to 48 Hours after payment they will be sent to the wallet address you provided while paying.


How to View Your JAGA Tokens

For the tokens to appear in your wallet, you would need to add or import JAGA as a custom token.

  • If you are using Metamask on desktop, you may click here to get a direct link to add JAGA to your wallet.
  • If you are using a mobile wallet such as Trust Wallet, you would need to manually add it using the JAGA contract address given below:

JAGA Contract Address (Binance Smart Chain / BNB Chain)


Click here for How to add/import a new token to Trust wallet (take note of the contract address above)


Buy with BNB (Pancakeswap / Poocoin)

Click Here to Buy with BNB directly on Pancakeswap or Poocoin


Questions or Problems?

Have questions or having difficulty paying? Comment below or Contact Us using the details given on our contact page here.



How to Buy JAGA Coins:

Click Here for How to Buy


10 Replies to “How to Buy JAGA With Naira (P2P)”

  1. i already bought some b4 but am thinking of buying more, cn i still buy again? am I allowed or Is there like a limit. Please urgent reply needed thnx u

  2. Thank you very much I got the JAGA tokens and the bonus, I was able to add it and view it on my TrustWallet. I have one question: How can I know the current price and where can I sell it if I want to?

    1. You can find a price chart on Poocoin (search with JAGA contract address) and you can also sell through poocoin or through PancakeSwap. If you have not done this before and you need further guidance, make sure to join the telegram or facebook group and ask any questions on how to do it and you will receive guidance. Or you could email Jagaban Coin Support. Alternatively, if you know anybody who’s experienced with crypto around you, you can ask them to put you through.

      One tip though is not to be in a hurry to sell them off. You will get bigger returns when you hold on patiently until the price begins to skyrocket

    1. It can end any time. No fixed duration. We will remove it from the page when it has ended. so if you no longer see the notice of the promo above and below the payment links then it means that the promo has ended.

    1. Hello Victor, thanks for stopping by. Great to hear you are developing yours, that’s awesome. Wish you the very best with your project. #WAGMI

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