Jagaban Fairlaunch Ongoing

About the Fair Launch

JAGABAN COIN Fairlaunch is a multi-day online event during which those who buy the cryptocurrency JAGA also receive additional bonus JAGA airdrops. It is done in phases called Seasons.

Important Details:

  • With each new season, the JAGA token price may be increased so it’s better to buy as soon as you can during any ongoing fairlaunch season.
  • Season One has been completed.
  • Current Ongoing Season: Season Two.

Note: JAGA is still very early and very cheap. Don’t miss this chance to get in on a 1000X Gem. It’s not a mere memecoin but a very serious long term project (with many strong use cases and many utilities) that has already started making people rich. If you buy some $JAGA now you will make money when the token price goes up. A few dollars could even turn into thousands. #NFA  #DYOR


How to Buy JAGA in the Fairlaunch

Jagaban Coin ($JAGA) is currently listed on PancakeSwap on Binance Smart Chain. In this fairlaunch, below are the two ways you can buy JAGA to get the additional bonuses (bonuses will be sent to your wallet after the fairlaunch):

  1. You can buy JAGA from Pancakesawp using BNB crypto. (If you wish, you can also sell your JAGA there during or after the fairlaunch). Click here to Buy from Pancakeswap
  2. If you are in Nigeria you can also buy JAGA via Peer-to-peer (P2P) using Nigerian Naira. Click here to see how

Fairlaunch Buy Links:

👉 Click here to buy JAGA with BNB on Pancakeswap

👉 Click Here for How to Buy JAGA with Naira

Time Left to End:

Recent Buys:

👉 Click here to buy with BNB on Pancakeswap

👉 Click Here for How to Buy with Naira


What is JAGA (Jagaban Coin)?

Jagaban Coin is a new cryptocurrency on Binance Smart Chain that has been going viral in the past few weeks.

The purpose of Jagaban Coin is to educate, empower and entertain people all over the world with the aim of making it easy and fun for everyone to earn a living wage and live their best life.


What’s in the Roadmap?

This is set to be the biggest crypto project out of Africa. The ecosystem roadmap includes the following amongst others:

  • Staking dApps
  • Yield farming dApps
  • Play-to-Earn Games
  • Learn-to-Earn platforms
  • NFTs and new Token launches
  • Animated and Live-action movies
  • Gaming and Educational Metaverses
  • Building of Institutes and Universities
  • See the full roadmap here


Why Should You Own JAGA Tokens?

Holders of JAGA tokens will be able to stake them to earn passive income or farm with them to earn yield in the form of more JAGA tokens and other cryptocurrencies. They will also be able to use their tokens to gain access to various Web3 dApps and games in the ecosystem, make purchases, receive airdrops, claim free NFTs, use DeFi apps, and access metaverses, exclusive spaces and events.


Pricing Targets of JAGA Token

Right now, the JAGA token is still in its very early stages and the price is still very very low, meaning it’s still very cheap. Ultimately, our target is to try and make the value of 1 JAGA to be equal to $1 within a few years’ time, therefore the more you can accumulate now that it’s still very cheap, the more you will reap if (hopefully) it gets to $1.

This is how Bitcoin started very cheap over a decade ago, now 1 Bitcoin is worth about $30,000 (23 Million Naira). This is the same plan we have for JAGA, so if you missed Bitcoin, don’t miss JAGA.


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How to Buy JAGA Coins:

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