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Here are some common questions about Jagaban Coin Project and JAGA token.


What is Jagaban Coin all About?

Jagaban Coin is a blockchain project that is powered by a cryptocurrency token called JAGA on Binance Smart Chain. The major goal of the project is to make it easy for everyone to earn a living wage, learn new skills and have fun. This is achieved through a series (ecosystem) of online and offline platforms that provide ways for people to make money, improve their skills and be entertained. Click here to view the full roadmap and future plans.


What are the Future Plans and Roadmap of Jagaban Coin?

There are lots of plans for Jagaban Coin. The roadmap includes share-to-earn apps, play-to-earn games, staking and yield farming dApps for earning passive income, an educational metaverse, movies and real-world institutions amongst several others. Click here to read more about the project or click here to view the full roadmap and future plans.


Is Jagaban Coin Connected to (or Endorsed by) President Bola Tinubu of Nigeria or His Party (APC) or the Nigerian Government?

No, this project is not related, endorsed or affiliated in any way with President Tinubu, his party or the Nigerian government. However, he is the main inspiration for this Project due to his visionary leadership legacies. So the Project is dedicated to him (and to God).


What Blockchain is the JAGA Token on?

JAGA is currently on Binance Smart Chain (BNB) blockchain network.


What is JAGA Token’s Contract Address?

The JAGA contract address on Binance Smart Chain is:



How do I Buy JAGA Tokens?

Click here for where and how to buy JAGA tokens.


How Do I Create a Wallet and Add JAGA to It?

Click Here for steps on how to create a crypto wallet and how to add JAGA to it.


When I Try to Buy or Sell, I get the error “insufficient Liquidity”

If you get an error about insufficient liquidity or if the transaction keeps failing when you attempt to buy or sell on Pancakeswap or Poocoin, try to increase your slippage tolerance (to be higher than the price impact) or reduce the amount you are buying or selling.

This error occurs because JAGA token is still very new and liquidity is still very low since it was a fair launch. At this time we are going through the Liquidity generation phase of the roadmap. During this phase, liquidity will slowly be increased as more people buy or sell and this error will gradually be eliminated.

(Tip: Liquidity is a measure of the amount of tokens available on the market to buy or exchange with).


What Slippage do I Use When Buying?

The amount of slippage depends on the quantity you are buying. Because the liquidity is still very low, the slippage tolerance needs to be much higher than normal.

You may have to use SLIPPAGE as high as 80% or 90% for now until there is enough liquidity in the system.


Why is the Slippage / Price Impact so High?

Because the liquidity is still very low.

Usually, when liquidity is low, the larger the quantity of tokens you are trying to buy or sell, the higher the slippage you would need to use for the transaction to go through successfully (because of the low liquidity). As a rule of thumb, slippage should be higher than the Price impact (if indicated).

However, note that at high slippage percentages, you would get less than you normally would if the slippage were lower. So our advice to buyers and sellers for now while liquidity is still low is:

  • If the price impact/slippage is too high, reducing the amount you are trying to buy or sell may help to bring it down.
  • After you buy, do not be in a hurry to sell or you might end up selling at a loss. Wait until there is sufficient liquidity before trying to sell.
  • Better still, hold the tokens for longer in anticipation of possible future price increases. (Note that although future price increases are likely to happen, they are not guaranteed).

For other errors and challenges please leave a comment at the end of this page or contact us.


How Can I Earn Free JAGA Tokens?

There are various ways to earn free JAGA tokens. See the full list of ways here.


How Can I Get Free Airdrops?

An airdrop is when free crypto is sent directly to your wallet. The fastest way to qualify for free JAGA airdrops is to subscribe and follow Jagaban Coin on as many social media platforms as possible. The more platforms you follow them on and the more active you are, the greater your chances of receiving airdrops. Click Here to see the official links that you should follow and subscribe for airdrops. You can also further increase your chances of getting airdrops by engaging regularly with the accounts through commenting, sharing, liking, retweeting posts etc.


Who is the Team Behind Jagaban Coin?

Jagaban Coin is the brainchild of a small band of West-African Web3 enthusiasts and techies who are passionate about Blockchain technologies and have experience with decentralized Web3 projects. In 2023, this group, dubbed theĀ Pseudonymous Blockchain Collective (PBColl or PBC) came together to create a sustainable means to empower and entertain people in Africa and beyond, especially the youths and the poor: thus, Jagaban Coin was born. As its name implies, the members of this group all identify semi-anonymously through the use of pseudonyms. When the Project matures, the identities of the key players shall be revealed.


Is JAGA Token Audited?

Yes. the JAGA token smart contract has been audited and adjudged to be Very Low Risk. The contract also passed a honeypot test which means that it is safe to trade and not a scam (a honeypot is a token that you can only buy but can never sell). See the results of JAGA security audit (click here) and honeypot test (click here).


What are the Official Website and Social Media LinksĀ for Jagaban Coin?

Click Here to see the official links of the website and social media accounts of Jagaban Coin


Is JAGA Token Legal?



Is JAGA Token Registered or Regulated By Any Authority?

Because of its decentralized nature, JAGA token is not isolated to (or implemented under) any single country or jurisdiction’s laws. Therefore, it is not feasible at this time to have it registered with (or regulated by) any central authority or government. However, as the Project matures, steps will be taken to officially register JAGA in jurisdictions around the world where cryptocurrencies are regulated.


More Questions?

If you have more questions you may ask them in the comments section below or contact us using the details given on our Contact page here.




How to Buy JAGA Coins:

Click Here for How to Buy


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