How to Earn Free JAGA Coins

Part of the core mission of Jagaban Coin ecosystem is to make it easy for anyone anywhere to earn a living while having fun. To achieve this, various earning opportunities are planned with some already launched.

30% of the total supply of JAGA tokens is reserved for free distribution to the community through airdrops, contests and other earning programs. This means that there are billions of free JAGA up for grabs.

Ways to Earn JAGA for Free

Here are the currently active ways you can earn free $JAGA and other ecosystem tokens:

  1. Airdrops
  2. Refer-to-Earn dApps
  3. Contests
  4. More free earning sources coming soon (staking, yield farming etc)

Following is a detailed description of each way to earn listed above:


1. Airdrops

Jagaban Coin ecosystem holds regular airdrops and contests where participants receive free $JAGA tokens sent directly to their wallets.

How to Qualify for Airdrops

To Qualify for a chance to receive airdrops or participate in contests, all you have to do is to follow and subscribe to Jagaban Coin on as many social media platforms as possible.

Links to Follow for Airdrops

Click here for the links to all Jagaban Coin official social media accounts that you should follow and/or subscribe to. Follow on as many as possible to improve your chances of winning airdrops. The more platforms you follow on, and the more active you are, the greater your chances of receiving airdrops.

You can also further increase your chances of getting airdrops by engaging regularly with the accounts through commenting, sharing, liking, retweeting posts etc.

NOTE: JAGA is deployed on Binance Smart Chain therefore you need an Ethereum / EVM compatible wallet e.g TrustWallet or MetaMask to access it.

WARNING: There are lots of fake scam accounts impersonating the official accounts so ensure that you make use of the list of links in the link above or on the Follow page here.


2. Refer-to-Earn dApps

Jagaban Coin is continually forging partnerships with other projects to make it possible to earn free $JAGA and other cryptocurrencies through their platforms.

One of these partnerships is with a massive Project called Utterverse which is still in stealth and already has some dApp platforms currently under test.

Tip: A dApp (short for decentralized App) is an application that is built on or connected to the blockchain.

You can earn free $JAGA tokens every time you refer new members to join for free on any of these platforms. The current active platform is:

How it Works

  • When you register for free, you will be given a referral link that you can share to people to use to register too.
  • For anyone that registers through your referral link, you receive 500 JAGA and they also receive 500 JAGA.
  • Registration is free and all you need is a Gmail or Yahoo or Facebook account.
  • On the platform, this JAGA is given to you in the form of pJAG (pre-mined JAGA) which you can convert into JAGA and withdraw when you have accumulated a minimum of 2,000 pJAG.
  • In other words, when you have earned at least 2,000 pJAG, you can withdraw it to your wallet and you will receive it as the real JAGA cryptocurrency.
  • To withdraw, just send a message to [email protected] (you must have at least a minimum of 2,000 pJAG before you can withdraw).
  • The exchange rate of pJAG to JAGA is 1:1, therefore 2,000 pJAG = 2,000 JAGA.

IMPORTANT: Note that you are not allowed to create multiple accounts on the platform or to refer yourself. Also, the people you refer must be active on the platform and must log in regularly for you to earn even more.


Activities and How Much JAGA (pJAG) you earn on the platforms:

  • 500 pJAG for referring a new member (the new member also gets 500 pJAG)
  • 500 pJAG for anyone who registers through someone’s referral link
  • 50 pJAG welcome bonus for every new member on registration
  • 2 pJAG for every first login you make daily
  • 100 pJAG for logging in everyday for 7 days in a row (without missing a day)
  • Click here to see how RayMiner works and how to earn.

Note that pJAG cannot be transferred between users on the RayMiner platform. But when withdrawn to your crypto wallet as JAGA, it can be transferred to any other compatible crypto wallet or traded on exchanges like PancakeSwap or Poocoin.

On RayMiner, you can also earn lots of other pre-mined cryptocurrencies for performing actions like daily login, mining, referring etc.

These other pre-mined crypto, however, are not immediately withdrawable as real crypto because they have not yet been deployed on the Blockchain and listed on an exchange due to the fact that the platform is still in the test phase.

But they will all be listed in the future so it is advisable to just focus on earning and accumulating them now in view of when they get listed at which point you can withdraw them.


3. Contests

Regular contests are held where lots of free $JAGA tokens are given out as prizes. There are currently no active competitions at this time. Check back here regularly or subscribe and follow Jagaban Coin to be notified whenever there’s a new contest.


4. More Earning Sources Coming Soon

According to the Jagaban Coin Roadmap, there are plans for the following:

  • A staking dApp
  • A yield farm
  • A Learn-and-Earn dApp (earn $JAGA for completing online courses)
  • Play-to-Earn blockchain games
  • And lots more


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