Jagaban Coin Roadmap

Jagaban Coin has the most awesome roadmap of any recently launched cryptocurrency. This is a strong sign that it is a very serious project with a long-term vision hence worth getting into now that it’s still very new.

The roadmap will be developed in phases starting with phase 1 which is expected to be completed within 2 to 3 years.


Roadmap Phase 1  (2023 to 2025)

  • Ideation [Done]
  • Project Soft Launch [Done]
  • JAGA token Fair Launch and Listing on PancakeSwap [Done]
  • Liquidity Generation [Ongoing]
  • Refer-to-earn dApps [In Open Beta on Testnet, see here]
  • Learn-and-earn dApp to earn JAGA for completing online courses [In Development]
  • Crypto Beginners Textbook [In Development]
  • Partnerships [Ongoing]
  • New token launches with airdrops/whitelists for JAGA holders
  • Metaverse NFT Launches and airdrops
  • Staking dApp
  • Yield farming dApp
  • Advanced security audits of Tokens and dApps
  • Launch JAGA token on other blockchains
  • More DEX listings
  • Airdrops and Faucets
  • Integration with major crypto Payment systems to pay for things using $JAGA token
  • Play-to-earn blockchain game


Roadmap Phase 2 (2026 to 2028)

  • CEX Listings
  • Launch P2P Exchange app
  • Celebrity Partnerships and Endorsements
  • Launch DEX platform
  • Animated movie series and comics
  • Educational Metaverse


Roadmap Phase 3 (2029 to 2033)

  • Gaming Metaverse
  • Mobile and Desktop play-to-earn Games
  • Talent Discovery platform
  • Full length Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood movies
  • Build Real world Universities and Institutes of Technology


Roadmap Phase 4 (2034 to 2044)

  • Scale up successful projects from the previous phases
  • Build more campuses of real world Universities and Institutes of Technology


Roadmap Phase 5 (2045 and beyond)

  • Continue to scale up successful projects
  • Explore other investment and impact opportunities





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